A nonrefundable Michigan income tax credit for college
tuition and uniformly-required fees paid on behalf of a
student is available for 2010. Uniformly-required fees
are those fees which are paid by all students attending the
named college or university.

To claim this credit, you must be a permanent resident
of Michigan at the time the tuition and fees were paid,
have adjusted gross income of $200,000 or less, and file a
Michigan Individual Income Tax Return (Form MI-1040).

The student(s) must attend a Michigan institution of higher
education which certifies that tuition will not increase in
the following academic year by more than the preceding
year’s rate of inflation. See the list below. If the school is
not listed, you may not claim the credit.

The amount of the credit is limited to 8 percent of tuition
and fees paid per student. The credit cannot exceed $375
for each student in each tax year and can only be taken for
four years per student.

Students attending an institution providing programs solely
for sectarian instruction or religious worship are not eligible
for the credit.

If the college or university is not listed, you cannot claim the credit.
Approved colleges and universities are listed alphabetically with code numbers to the left of the name.

Enter the appropriate Michigan College or University Code Number on your Schedule CT, column D, line 4.
(Do not enter the school business account number.)
0505 Bay Mills Community College
0005 Eastern Michigan University
0588 North Central Michigan College

Claiming tuition credit for Michigan return!

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